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Reyna's Mexican ​Restaurant

Authentic Mexican Food with a Twist

Reyna's Specials



EMPANADAS- Stuffed with chorizo and potatoes OR shredded chicken and potatoes served with fresh shredded cabbage, Mexican sour cream, cotija cheese and spicy salsa verde.......9.95

EGGPLANT QUESADILLA-Sautéed eggplant folded over grilled queso blanco, sautéed tomatoes and roasted red peppers sprinkled with cotija cheese and served with a side of spicy salsa verde......8.95

ALBONDIGAS - Chicken albondigas (meatballs) served in half a roasted red pepper sprinkled with queso fresco and topped with a white peach sauce...8.95

MEXICAN RICE BALLS- (2) Our homemade rice stuffed with ground beef,and jack and cheddar cheese topped with spicy salsa verde and cotija cheese....10.95

RASPBERRY CHICKEN PORTABELLA-Grilled portabella topped with pieces of chicken milanesa and sautéed spinach drizzled with a spicy raspberry sauce.....10.95

COCONUT SHRIMP- Drizzled with pink guava sour cream and pineapple cilantro lime dipping sauce on the side.......12.95



HOMEMADE TAMALES- (Chicken or pork) Wrapped in banana leaves served with sides of rice and beans and your choice of sauce..........13.95

QUESADILLA de REYNA'S- Whole wheat quesadilla stuffed with melted queso fresco and fresh grilled eggplant, zucchini, squash, pico de gallo, broccoli, corn and spinach. Topped with Mexican sour cream and avocado slices served with sides of black beans and wild brown rice.........17.95

SAN MARCOS TOSTADAS- Blue corn tortillas topped with refried beans, our own seasoned and breaded chicken (with pecans) sliced thin and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, Mexican sour cream and queso fresco. Comes with sides of yellow rice and black beans.....18.95

BURRITO CARNITAS- EL BURRITO GRANDE!! Stuffed with carnitas sautéed with jalapenos and pico de gallo, lettuce, fresh cabbage and cheese. Topped with homemade mole sauce and queso fresco OR homemade BBQ sauce and queso fresco. Served with sides of rice, black beans and homemade plantains..........19.95

PECHUGA MANDARINA-Corn flake crusted chicken breast in a tangerine-ginger sauce. Served with sides of tomatoes sautéed in garlic and brown sugar, black beans and brown rice.....18.95

CHULETAS de PUERKO- (pork chops) Sautéed with onions, jalapenos and peppers. Served with sides of homemade BBQ sauce and mango sauce, corn tortillas, homemade plantains, black beans and rice...............18.95

OFF THE BONE PLATTER-Tender rib meat sautéed in our homemade BBQ sauce with fresh jalapeños, tomatoes and onions. Comes with fresh cabbage salad, corn tortillas, yellow rice and black beans........19.95

MARISCOS BORRACHOS- Shrimp, scallops and catfish sautéed in Reyna's tequila sauce served with sides of yellow rice and black beans..........23.95

FILET MIGNION- Served with sautéed chili poblano, chili ancho, spinach and pecans mixed in a chipotle sour sauce. With sides of tomatoes sauted in garlic and brown sugar, rice and black beans.........25.95

LOBSTER QUESDILLA-Whole wheat quesadilla stuffed with queso fresco and sautéed lobster in white wine sauce with onions, spinach and red and green peppers. Topped with Mexican sour cream and served with grilled portabella mushroom, yellow rice and black beans.....28.95

CRAB CAKES - Homemade sauteed jumbo crabmeat crabcakes topped with fresh mango salsa. Served with rice, black beans and a fresh cabbage salad mixed with pico de gallo. Decorated with a cilantro lime sauce and mango sauce sprinkled with ground arbol pepper............30.95

(Also available as an appetizer 20.95)


CHILI TOREADO- Spicy jalapenos grilled and served with lime and tamarindo sauce.........3.50


BROWN RICE............3.00